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Group Family Takaful

Group Family Takaful is the most budget-effective Takaful Cover that provides maximum protection for a limited number of years.

We offer companies a practical and straightforward method of rewarding their personnel by providing effective Group Family Takaful solutions for them and their dependants with ideal schemes through our wide range of Takaful Benefits

Types of Group Family Takaful Products

  • Group Family Takaful, Disability & Personal Accidents Cover
  • Credit Takaful Cover

Advantages of AMAN Group Family Takaful & Credit Takaful Products

  • Low contributions
  • Provide whole family protection, and peace of mind to breadwinner
  • Personal financial obligations protection
  • Credit shield outstanding cover
  • Home Finance protection
  • Key man protection
  • Partnership protection

Benefits of Group Family Takaful Cover

  • Death (by any cause)
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Permanent Total Disability (Accidents/Sickness)
  • Permanent Partial Disability (Accidents/Sickness)
  • Temporary Total Disability (Accidents/Sickness)
  • Medical Expenses Reimbursement (Accidents only)
  • Critical Illness (Sickness)
  • Repatriation Expenses (Death only)

Group Family Takaful Cover

Under this benefit an agreed amount of money is paid to dependents if an employee passes away (God Forbid) due to natural or accidental causes. The Takaful Cover may be a fixed amount, based on the employee designation or a straight multiple of employee’s monthly salary.

Permanent Total Disability

Pays out full Takaful Cover amount if an employee is deemed permanently and totally disabled.

Permanent Partial Disability

Part of the Takaful Cover amount is paid, based on a disability scale and the exact amount depends on the extent of the disability suffered.

Temporary Total Disability

Paid as compensation to an employee’s income for a period of up to 52/104 weeks in the event of an accident or illness preventing the employee from attending to his duties.

Medical Expenses Reimbursement

Under this benefit, re-imbursement is made for the medical expenses incurred by an employee on the treatment of an accidental injury sustained.

Second Medical Opinion Service (SMO)

It is an International Medical Consultation service, also known as ’Second Medical Opinion’ is initiated by Houston International Medical Consultants (HIMC) in USA. The SMO service is provided to the covered person or his/her family member, directly or through his/her treating physician, even without having to leave his/her residence.

The SMO service can be utilized for all types of consultations in all pathologies and medical specialties when the individual covered suffers or is diagnosed with

  • Critical or grave illness defined as; potentially fatal, incurable, progressive, chronic and impacting the individual’s quality of life.
  • When the treatment for the condition creates an elevated level of risk to the individual’s life, is considered complex in its administration or results in further complications to their overall health.

The value-added service provides the covered person peace of mind knowing that his/her diagnosis has been confirmed and/ or that the prescribed treatment is the most appropriate option available locally and internationally.

Critical Illness (CI)

The Critical Illness coverage pays a lump-sum benefit if the covered person is diagnosed with a critical illness while the contract is in force. The conditions that are considered critical illnesses are specified in the contract and usually include heart attack, stroke, and life-threatening cancer.

Repatriation Expenses

Reimburses expenses paid for the repatriation of the mortal remains to the home country of the deceased employee.

Employees are covered worldwide on 24 hours basis.

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